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February 13, 2019

UK Student Accommodation Types Every International Student Ought to Know About

For international students, the process of sorting student accommodation can be somewhat daunting, especially given the range of different options available. However, a student’s choice of accommodation can have a huge bearing on their entire university experience, so it is important to gain the relevant information first and then make an informed choice.

In this blog post, we examine some of the different types of student accommodation that we feel every international student ought to now about before making their decision.

1. University Halls of Residence

University halls of residence are a popular option for first year students and are generally situated on the university campus, or close to it, making it an especially convenient option, as well as a good way of making friends. Basic options tend to range from a student room with en suite bathroom, through to a self-contained student studio.

They may be catered or self-catered and rent tends to be inclusive of all bills and paid either in three instalments, or paid in full in advance. With that being said, university halls of residence also tend to be a fairly expensive option, especially in comparison to shared private accommodation.

2. Private Halls of Residence

Private halls of residence are somewhat similar to university halls of residence, aside from the fact that they are operated by private accommodation operators instead. This means they tend to have on-site management and options tend to include student studios, rooms with en suite bathrooms, and other flat accommodations. They are usually situated close to campus.

Private halls often have a greater range of on-site offerings, with examples including catering services and gym facilities. Rent will usually be paid in three instalments, or in full in advance, but it tends to be as expensive – if not more expensive – than university halls. In some cities, it is possible they will house students from more than one university too.

3. Private Accommodation

Private student accommodation options are provided by private landlords and letting agents. There are a wider range of options here, both in terms of style and in terms of quality, with shared flats, shared houses and self-contained studio apartments among them. The quality range means there will be options to suit all budgets and tastes.

Private accommodation is usually the cheapest option available and will offer the greatest amount of flexibility when it comes to tenancy length, rent payment terms, accommodation size, and location. Rent may be inclusive or exclusive of bills, and may be paid monthly, in three instalments, or in full in advance.

4. Homestay Accommodation

Finally, homestay accommodation is provided by private, live-in landlords, and usually consists of a room in a catered family residence. It is generally the cheapest accommodation option available, and is especially popular with international students, those who feel they may need some level of guardian support, or those who do not especially want to live with other students.

Homestay options tend to offer decent flexibility in terms of tenancy length and rent payment intervals, but also the lowest range of choice in terms of the accommodation itself. Rent is usually inclusive of bills and the payment intervals can often be negotiated with the landlord.

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